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Welcome to the African Studies Companion Online 4th Edition

Note: The print edition of the African Studies Companion (4th ed.) was published in 2006, with regular updates thereafter of the online version until July 2009. It is now offered as a freely accessible resource, but please note it has not been updated since July 2009 and, as a result, several sections now contain a number of dead links relating to Web resources (or other websites) that are no longer available.

Click here for the new updated edition (published by Brill, 2012)
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African Studies Companion, new edition
As we have earlier indicated on this page, Hans Zell Publishing will not be publishing any further editions of the African Studies Companion under its own imprint. We are now pleased to announce that agreement has been reached with the distinguished Dutch publisher Koninklijke Brill NV to take over publication as from the 5th and subsequent editions. 

Founded in 1683, Brill is a publishing house with a rich history and a strong international focus. The company's headquarters are in Leiden in the Netherlands, with a branch office in Boston in the US.Brill's publications - available in both print and electronic formats - focus on the humanities, the social sciences, and international law. There is also strong list in African, Middle East, and Islamic studies, covering scholarly monographs and journals, as well as reference resources. 

A new edition of the African Studies Companion has become available in November 2012. For details, see or

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